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About organicfoodselection

Organic vineyard for organic red wine

About organicfoodselection

What is organicfoodselection?

Spain has a large area of farming, this with the mild climate and the mediterranean cultura makes Spain a great producer of organic food. There are a long number of companies producing and commercializing organic food in supermarket chains, but also there are a lot of small cooperatives and organic farmers that produce high quality products and healthy foods with no contection with external consumers.

 Spanish organic farm

This is the origin of organicfoodselection, encourage a communication via  between small organic food  producers of Spain with the end consumers, and professionalism through the oficial controls of certification to offer products that contributes to healthy food consumption by extra virgin olive oilSpanish red winerose wine and a small producer of organic raw honey.


The principles of all organic food online of this website is the commitment with healthy food through official certification of each one of the producers, so the wine makers, the farms and mil for the extra virgin olive oil and the bees farm for produce the organic raw honey:

1. Must meet strict rules about respect for the ecosystem and natural cycle crops, this makes that all organic food farms do not use intensive methods.

2. Is not allowed use harmful chemicals at all production cicle to obtain these healthy foods.

3. Maintain a high level of animal welfare for all species.

 Organic honey farm

4. Can not used genetically modified organisms (GMO´s)

From this organicfoodselection is a commitment with the end consumer of healthy foods online, encouraging the consumption of Spanish organic food, connecting with just one step the farm with the consumer with no major retailer companies.

This is our commitment, with the hope to cooperate with this system of online organic food that encourages consumption from small producers respectful with the environment and sustainable,  as well as encourage the consumption of healthy foods.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”  ~Hippocrates

If i know the world finish today, i still could plant a tree” - Martin Luther King, Jr.